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Assertiveness is a behaviour wherein we can express our rights and stand up for ourselves without giving in or hurting others. Individuals who are assertive can express their values, beliefs and feelings while maintaining confidence.

Sometimes, however, people take on more of a passive role where they try to please everyone else, or an aggressive role where they assume that they are always correct. These behaviours often lead to negative relationships, whereas being assertive tends to create stronger and longer lasting relationships.

If you feel that you could learn to be more assertive there are many skills available to you and it starts with changing your own mind about how we perceive others and how we think they perceive us.

Counselling focuses on debunking many of the fears people have about being assertive (people will not like me, creates arguments) and creating an awareness of different personalities (passive, assertive, aggressive).

Once the benefits of assertion are understood counselling emphasizes skills to be more assertive via communication and body language.

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