Kevin Ruddell Calgary Psychologist
Many people today are often trying to control their lives by attempting to change their external environment; however, this can be difficult to achieve. At Mind Matters, you can learn how to control your life using the power of your mind. You can control your emotions and behaviours by altering your thinking. My goal as a Clinical Psychologist is to teach you the tips and tricks that are necessary to live a life worth living, regardless of the challenges that are present.

Counselling offers you a safe place to talk about your past, present and future concerns. I will strive to put the past behind us, not fear the future, and live in the present. All this can be achieved by altering our personal mindset. If you are ready to make a change or are trying to figure out if you will benefit from change, I am here to help.

I am currently accepting new referrals. Please call or email me to set up a counselling appointment.


I have been a Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta since 2008. My educational background consists of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Calgary and a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology, which I completed in Seattle, Washington.

Prior to heading to Seattle for my Masters, I worked at Autism Society Canada, in Calgary, where I provided one on one support to children with various pervasive developmental disorders, specifically autism.

In 2006 I worked at Seattle Mental Health, currently Sound Mental Health, an organization that provides comprehensive outpatient support for a wide range of issues. During my work at Seattle Mental Health, I participated in a program as a Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee (CDPT), which developed my skills in chemical dependence.

I co-facilitated recovery groups to develop awareness of substance use and prevent relapse. Additionally, I worked with individuals with a wide range of mental illnesses including; schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, various anxiety disorders, personality disorders and ADHD among many others.

Following my training in Seattle, I returned to Calgary in 2007 and began my registration residency at the Calgary Counselling Centre, a not-for-profit organization. During my residency, I co-facilitated various groups while also working with individuals who presented with various anxiety disorders, life stresses, depression, anger and personality disorders. I also worked with couples, helping them rebuild relationships and develop communication skills. After a year with the Calgary Counselling Centre, I joined Homewood Human Solutions, an Employee and Family Assistance program. At Homewood Human Solutions I work with individuals and couples to address various life struggles and support to deal with mental health issues. Additionally, I conduct various assessments, including: Expatriate, Substance Use, and Fitness to Work. Throughout my professional career I have been committed to providing confidential treatment and services that follow the highest ethical standards of the profession.

Personally, I have many interests and hobbies that I participate in outside of work. I attempt to live an active lifestyle. I enjoy going to the mountains and hiking as often as possible and I participate in many different sports including: soccer, football, dragon boating, and outrigger racing. In all of my extracurricular activities, I try to utilize the skills that I teach clients everyday. Using the power of the mind, I have helped my sports teams create visualizations and positive energy prior to competitions. I also love to travel and try to get away each year in an effort to see as much of the world as possible. I also enjoy spending time with my spouse and extended family, which consists of my parents and three siblings.

Professionally, I have been practicing in Calgary, Alberta since 2007. My primary counselling orientation is Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which emphasizes the power of positive thought and action to take control of our life. By challenging negative thought patterns, we are able to redirect our life in a manner where we feel prepared to accomplish our life goals and dreams. In order to challenge negative thoughts, one of the most significant factors in counselling is the therapeutic relationship. Without creating an environment of trust and support it is difficult for any individual to overcome challenges. For more information on CBT, please consult the following link

Additionally, I am an active member of the following organizations:

College of Alberta Psychologists:
Psychologists’ Association of Alberta:
National Guild of Hypnotists: