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Addiction may take many behavioural forms, from drugs and alcohol, to gambling and video games, though they all have something in common – they negatively impact your life. Many people try comparing their behaviour to others in order to determine if they have an addiction, which is not a useful way to identify addiction.

The simplest way to evaluate your life to see if you have an addiction is to look at the impact on your life and long-lasting patterns of thinking and behaviour. If you find that your friends, family, work, personal life or any other area is being neglected, you may be struggling with addiction.

Counselling for addictions emphasizes understanding addictions and the impact on life, as well as becoming aware of triggers, developing strategies to remain abstinent from the substance of choice and not shifting addictions. Sometimes this involves multiple life changes including social networks and local hangout spots.

Common symptoms of Addiction:

  • Able to use more than in the past without the same effect
  • Cravings
  • Avoiding negative physical or emotional states
  • Using more than intended
  • Inability to cut back
  • Spending significant time using or thinking about use
  • Neglecting work, social or recreational activities
  • Continued use despite impairment in important areas of life

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